I was sitting in the middle of the congregation
it was about time for the sermon to begin
When I turned around and looked at the door
and was in awe at what just walked in

Big brown eyes, long dark brown hair
black with white polka-dot dress
Now I had seen some good-looking girls
but she was by far the best

It doesn't take long for a young man
to rate on a scale, one to ten
As I sat there listening to the sermon
I knew there was an eleven within

That was the longest I'd heard that preacher preach
but when he finally did get done
I made my way to the back of the church
to make sure she was the one

She came back to church that night
and after, we went out on a date
We had no way of knowing it then
but that was the start of something great

She was fifteen and I was one more
yes, I'll agree that was young
But we fell in love that special way
like every country song that’s been sung

I had a forty-eight ford on a big bad rake
it looked good and I was proud
And as we were drag’n down River Grade Road
that flathead purred nice and loud

We had fun dating for the next three years
and then we tied the knot
And if I had it all to do over again
I'd do it on the spot

© D.G.S. ’97