If man had any brains
he would have a lot of things
and one of them wouldn't be a DOG.
A necklace of gold
and riches untold
but hear me, I said, "No DOG!"

A dog would be nice
if he just licked you twice
but he just keeps on and on.
If he would just beg
and not lift his leg
I guess I could put up with one.

If he could do tricks
like go fetch a stick
or maybe the paper at morn.
Then I might think twice
that a dog might be nice
but still, I'm sure I'd be torn.

I'm sure it sounds funny
but I’ve spent a lot of money
on a really, really good breed.
Then, again, on the vet
for that lousy pet,
Oh, ya, and again on the feed.

I never said I have brains
I have a lot of things
as I walk around the house in a fog.
And I'll have to admit
of things I love quite a bit
three of these are my Dogs.

© D.G.S '97