Falling Rock

I knew an Indian named Kollit
he was chief of the Whatchama tribe
they called him Chief Whatchamakollit
until the day he died

He had a boy he named Falling Rock
'cuz that’s the first thing he saw
when he looked out from his great big tent
after his squaw made him a paw

That Indian boy was a wanderer
he got lost all of the time
Kollit made him post his name where he'd been
so he would be easy to find

Now little Falling Rock traveled a lot
you ask me how I know
it's cuz I see his name posted
most every where I go

So if you see a sign that says Falling Rock
then you know where he's been
then if you can some how tell Chief Whatchamakollit
you'll have an Indian ghost for a friend

I'm not going to tell you how
I'm not up on Indian lore
but I've been told you just holler out
then wait and try to see more

© Darryl G. Scroggins '97