Playing in the pool all day
worn out at night
Listening to their laughter
is quite a delight

Cousins get to know each other
their fathers get to know their mothers
Grandpa at the barbecue
Grandma holding little you know who

Deanna gives you that cute little look
Jenni’s nose is in a book
Kristi is planning a three-act play
They all can perform for us the next day

Robert, Darry and Brian,
No tellin' what they're tryin’
But if you see one, you see three,
I wonder how long that will be?

David and Scotty are planning their leap
From the earth, to the board, to the deep
It doesn’t matter how they enter the pool
As long as it looks real, real cool

Brandy and Lauren have rib bones all over the place
Stephanie has barbecue sauce all over her face
Joey and Timmy are new to this game
But they seem to enjoy it just the same

In the pool all day
Gone home that night
Thanking God for a safe weekend
As they drive out of sight

©Darryl G. Scroggins ‘ 98