I met a man who said I was lucky
I said, "Sir, how could that be?"
He said, "You have the only lot
with a great big old oak tree."

I said, "You mean the one
I planted long ago?
Well, if you call that lucky,
Then, I guess it must be so."

You may see a man who is lucky
With sweat running down his brow,
And if you ask of him the cause
He'll say, "I don't know how."

But, I'll tell you it's perseverance
That became that man’s main stay
And that same old perseverance
Can make you lucky that same way

When you see the old oak growing
That you planted long ago
And you see the grand kids playing
On the grass you had to mow

When you see the things develop
In which you worked and had a hand
Then you'll know that you are LUCKY
To be part of God's great plan

© Darryl G. Scroggins ‘97