I'd like to have a nice long talk
With that person I call ME
I'd like to spend and hour or so
Under the old oak tree

I'd like to say something nice
That would make him stand up tall
So, we'd talk about his Grand kids
And we'd just have a ball

I'd remind him to dance nice and slow
When the Grand kids are on his toes
One of them might be a Fred Astaire
I guess one never knows

He told me they are looking for
The meaning of right and wrong
If he whistles, they whistle
If he sings, they know the song

Each one is his favorite
Each one has that special touch
He loves to talk about them all
He loves them all so much

So, I'll just sit and talk with him
Under that old Oak tree
We'll just talk about his grand kids
Ya, that’s the guy I call me

© Darryl G. Scroggins ’97