My First Rendezvous

I went back in time with a good friend of mine
to a place called rendezvous.
met some fine folks, heard a few jokes
and even a yarn or two.

One of the rules you must observe
is to dress like your Great-great-grand Dad.
they tried hard, I'm sure, to make it look pure
but some of the outfits looked sad.

We walked down the main drag they call traders row
to get a few things to look fit.
I found a wide belt, a great big wide belt,
and said, "Hey, Vern, this is it."

We didn't walk much till we heard the touch
of a black smith's hammer on steel,
It didn't take long, he started talking in song;
it really became quite a spiel.

One of the tales was about Paddy,
an Irish man who had bad luck with bricks,
another was about a Mr. Sam McGee
whose cremation his problem did fix.

It started at one, the shootin' and fun,
as we walked on the trail through the trees.
steel targets were hangin’, we were bangin' an clangin';
some shots we made from our knees.

As the sun went down, we left that tent town,
as we were just there for the day.
then on our way back we stopped for a snack
and recapped our day of old play.

With soot on my face, new belt on my waist,
a bruise on my shoulder an' shin,
she said, "D'ya have fun?" I said, "Well, Hon,
yeah, I'd do it again."

© Darryl G. Scroggins'97'