When I need to take a journey
You know, I need some kicks
I just stand back and look at my sign
that says ROUTE 66

And in my mind I get in the car
With my age-ed memory I go
Through Needles, Flagstaff,
Holbrook, and Gallop New Mexico

Now it wasn't the road you had to take
That meant so gosh darn much
It was the pace you had to go
That gave it that special touch

You had to meet people along the way,
There was no avoiding that
Either your radiator was boiling over
Or you were fixing somebody's flat

Now the memories they are many
And all of them are real, real good
Time seems to erase the bad ones
As well your memory should

Then something always interrupts me
And jerks me back to real time
But that's ok, I really don't care
'cus those memories are all still mine

© D.G.S. 2000