A Poetic Sculpture
( A poem in form and verse)

I created the Mobius sculpture in my mind in the fall of two thousand. Every night, before I was able to sleep I had to try to picture the twist that would make it possible for the strip to pass in the two-inch thick plank. I already had the twelve by twelve inch piece of purple heart wood that was only two inches thick and the thought of making the strip pass and form the second loop intrigued me. In February of two thousand one, I decided to make the sculpture for my son for Christmas and work began.

As I progressed on the wooden sculpture I worked on the poem I would carve into it, The poem had to be long enough to go around the strip and tie into the beginning so it would be continuous

I was taking a poetry class at the time and asked the professor of my poetry class if I could use this sculpture as my final project. After a few questions she agreed to allow it (I think curiosity got the best of her). She gave it an "A" and wrote, " This is a beautiful work of art. I was inspired and feel privileged to be able to run my hands along it."

This project was so fulfilling and brought so many positive comments I thought it would be a good one to cast in bronze. Something about casting in bronze that seems so permanent. I didn't know the sculpture would be such a long way from "finished" when you got it from the foundry. There was still an enormous amount of work to be done before it would be completed.