I asked why and didn’t get an answer.
So, I just sat there for a while.
Across the room I saw his mother’s face.
She wore a beautiful smile.

She said, "Grampa, he’s special."
I could see in her eyes it was true.
So, I just bowed my head and asked the Lord.
I said, " Lord, what can I do."

He said, "Just hold little Andy
and let him feel all your love
and thank all the angels in heaven
for sending him to you from above.

In heaven when we join with those angels,
and it really wont be long,
we will realize those who were special
were placed right where they belong.

And we’ll know we didn’t get our answer
because we wouldn’t understand.
We needed to just trust in God
and follow his guiding hand.

© Grampa Scroggins ‘98