West Virginia

I spent a year on a porch one-week
in the hills of West Virginia
sit'n on a swing, sweat'n, n swat'n flies in that heat
it just took out what ever was inya

Our kin came over to sit'n chew
now that’s not what I call fun
but when they pick up their bucket to spit
I just wanted to run

I went down to the town one day
just to pass a lot of time
went in to the local drug store
and ordered me a soda and lime

Well, a girl came over and gave me a grin
and I said WOW that’s a nice tooth
she got so thrilled I would say such kind words
I thought I would never get loose

Now when John Denver sings that beautiful song
West Virginia almost heaven
that tells you what kind of guy he must be
he thinks Minnie Pearl is an eleven

Don't get me wrong, there are some mighty neat sights
like the fireflies that blink so bright
but if I had my way, I mean if I had any say
I'd pack up and ride out tonight

© D.G.Scroggins ‘97