"LET’S ROLL!" he cried out,
As they stormed the terrorist that day.

LET’S ROLL was the call to action
In a most unselfish way.

LET’S ROLL should be our national anthem;
A song for the evil doers to hear.

LET’S ROLL against the child molesters.
Let's give them something to fear.

LET’S ROLL against those corporate thieves
Whose only drive is greed.

LET’S ROLL against those political leaders
Whose lust for power they feed.

LET’S ROLL against all evil doers
That threaten our world of peace.

LET’S ROLL, and until we’re done,
Let's make a vow not to cease.

LET’S ROLL, my fellow Americans
And let’s do it today.

LET’S ROLL is the call to action
In a most unselfish way.


This poem was inspired by Todd Beamer of flight 93, and his family, and is dedicated to his memory
and all those that "ROLLED" on September 11th.

D.G.Scroggins 2002