I am just made of wood and nails
But I’ve really seen a lot.
Why, I saw the birth of Christ
right here on this very spot.

Every one was in route to pay their taxes
The Inns all over flowed.
Joseph walked beside Mary on the donkey
Mary carried that heavenly load.

The stars shined bright on that holy night
There was new straw all over the ground.
I saw three wise men came to join us
And there were animals all around.

The shepherds tended their sheep in the fields
I could see them far off in the night.
They were all heading my way
Following the star that shone so bright.

The Angels were singing such a heavenly song
I wanted to reach out my fences to engulf them.
Some things you can’t hold, not in your arms
But I tried as they sang out that heavenly hymn.

Every one knew this was the heavenly child
And I was proud as can be.
To think, that for the place of his birth
God chose a lowly manger like me.

© D.G.S. ‘98